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Masterbatch series

Tarpaulin Masterbatch

  Our tarpaulin masterbatch is refined with excellent raw materials and advanced production technology. The product has the characteristics of good dispersibility, strong coloring power, bright color, and convenient use. It is also available in multiple colors for customers to choose.

Product advantages

Tarpaulin masterbatch produced by our company has the following advantages:

a:Good light fastness, the light fastness level can reach 7-8, and it will not fade after long-term wind and sun;

b:Good high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 300℃, ensuring stable and bright colors during the production of tarpaulin;

c:Good dispersibility. Our tarpaulin masterbatch is produced with high-fineness and easy-dispersible pigments, which are easy to disperse, have no color spots, and no spots during use;

d:The colors are complete, and the colors can be customized according to customer needs;

e:Easy to use, no dust pollution.

Main Indicators
ExteriorGranule        Density / g/cm31.5
Moisture /%≤0.2        Resistant to migration≥5
Recommended dosage

  The recommended dosage is 2% to 5% (mass percentage).

Packaging and storage

  Net weight 25Kg/bag, paper-plastic composite packaging bag, transported as general chemicals. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Seal the package when not in use to prevent contamination, sunlight and moisture.

Product Application

  Special material for broiler plat style feeding system, special material for broiler automatic drinking water system, special material for meat breed duck automatic feeding/drinking system, etc.

Tarpaulin masterbatch application

Tarpaulin masterbatch application

Our advantages
Strong Company Strength

Our company has 16 extrusion production line, automatic material proportioning kneading equipment, annual production capacity of more than 40000 tons.

Strong production capacity, meet the diversified, mass rapid production

Rich technical experience

More than 10 years of experience in team industry, owns a total of 9 pieces of independent intellectual property rights.

To provide customers with professional solutions to meet their personalized needs

Be rich in after - sales experience, professional solutions to customers technical problems.

High quality products

The production team has rich experience,advanced production equipment, real-time monitoring of production links, process test layer by layer

Has a strict quality management system (Passed ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification), and advanced testing equipments.

Product’s performance by authoritative testing institutions, testing reports complete, best-selling products overseas

Strong ability in product development

Establish long-term research cooperation with domestic famous universities and colleges

We have more than ten researchers including postgraduate students, bachelor degree or above 60%

2 invention patents and 7 utility model patents were authorized.

Good after-sales service

Provide product technical support, for your project to provide one-stop after-sales service

Irregular customer return visits to provide professional guidance for the follow-up progress of your project

Service without complaints

Product information

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