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Modified type of ABS engineering plastics

2021.07.17modified type of ABS engineering plastics

Although the modified type of ABS engineering plastics ABS resin has many excellent properties, there are still many shortcomings as ABS plastics, and many modified products have appeared. Reinforced ABS, flame-retardant ABS, ACS resin, MBS resin, transparent ABS, ASA resin, etc. The following editor will introduce the types of modified ABS.

Grade 1 modified ABS--enhanced ABS

ABS can be reinforced with 20%~40% (mass fraction) of glass fiber. After the enhancement, the tensile strength, flexural strength, and flexural modulus of ABS are greatly improved, the thermal deformation temperature is significantly increased, the linear expansion coefficient is reduced, and the size The stability and accuracy are greatly improved, but the impact strength decreases with the increase of the glass fiber content.

2Modified ABS--flame retardant ABS

ABS is a flammable material. Adding low-molecular organic flame retardants and flame retardant synergists to ordinary ABS can produce flame retardant ABS. Flame retardant ABS is mainly used to manufacture electronic and electrical products that require flame retardancy and have good mechanical strength. , Such as TV housings, radomes, etc.

3 Modified ABS--transparent ABS

ABS resin is an opaque resin. If methyl methacrylate is added to the three components of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, a transparent ABS resin can be obtained by graft copolymerization. Transparent ABS has high transparency, good solvent resistance and high impact strength.

4Modified ABS-ASA resin

ASA resin is AAS resin made by grafting acrylonitrile and styrene onto acrylic rubber. ASA resin has excellent weather resistance, excellent impact resistance, thermal stability and chemical resistance. ASA is used in the manufacture of automobiles Body and igniter fuel tank, radiator grille, reflector cover, switchboard, taillight lamp cover, etc.

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