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2021.06.09animal husbandry plastics application

Since the reform and opening up, the total output value of China's animal husbandry has been growing, and has exceeded 30% of the total agricultural output value. Animal husbandry has become the most dynamic growth point and the most important pillar industry in the development of my country's agricultural economy, and it continues to show a rapid and healthy development trend. While this brings huge opportunities to manufacturers of modified animal husbandry materials, it also puts forward higher requirements for modified animal husbandry materials. Our company has successfully developed various special modified materials for animal husbandry products with high impact resistance, high strength, low shrinkage, low density, high acid and alkali corrosion resistance, super weather resistance and high cost performance. In terms of modified materials, color masterbatches and dyeing materials for animal husbandry, Qingdao Yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. is willing to provide innovative solutions and technical support for the development of plastic materials for animal husbandry.

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