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Development prospect of special materials for automobile

2021.07.17special materials for automobile

  1. High performance and environmental protection of reinforced automobile special material: Although glass fiber reinforced plastic can improve the mechanical strength and heat resistance of plastic, it has some disadvantages, such as brittleness, poor processing fluidity, visual defects, easy warping, etc. Therefore, the application of other high strength and light weight fiber reinforced plastics is a development direction of composite reinforcement materials in the future.

  2. Application of nano composite technology: with the development of nano plastic technology, nano plastic has been favored by many enterprises for its excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy, antibacterial, radiation resistance, aging resistance and other high additional functions.

  3. The increasing demand for plastic alloys: engineering plastics have good mechanical properties, comprehensive mechanical properties, heat resistance, acid resistance, long life, good reliability, and some also have good self-lubricating properties, which are incomparable with general plastics.

  4. Expand the universality of materials: in order to make effective and rational use of energy and raw materials and reduce automobile costs, different types of automobile parts adopt unified types of automobile special materials, which can not only expand the production scale of raw materials and reduce costs, but also improve the quality of materials.

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