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How to Select Polypropylene Melt blown Material?

2022.05.31polypropylene meltblown

  The use of polypropylene melt blown materials plays a very important role in the production of various products with filtration properties. Whether it is gas filtration or liquid filtration, the probability of using polypropylene melt blown materials is very high. Especially under the influence of the current epidemic, the proportion of using polypropylene melt blown materials is gradually increasing.

  The influence of polypropylene melt blown material is very important, so the selection of this product should also be very cautious, and a variety of factors should be comprehensively considered.

  Polypropylene melt blown material has good solvent resistance and is insoluble in various organic solvents and oil and water; And polypropylene is a kind of material with good acid-base resistance, which is not corrosive or rotten, but also resistant to high temperature. When selecting polypropylene melt blown material, it is necessary to understand the dependence of its apparent viscosity on shear rate (R), the relationship between structural dryness and temperature (T), etc. at the same time, it is also possible to obtain engineering data such as the dryness of spinning stock solution, shear stress in flow, shear rate, etc., which is of great significance for the design and production of various filter products.

  Qingdao yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in the R & D and production of plastic masterbatches and plastic modified materials in China. For more information about polypropylene melt blown materials, you are welcome to consult.

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