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Introduction to relevant information of melt blown polypropylene

2021.08.17melt blown polypropylene

  The application of melt blown polypropylene is widely used in various plastic processing. melt blown polypropylene will be used in the color adjustment of various products. It can be seen everywhere in life, from water cup caps to automotive supplies.

  The production processes of melt blown polypropylene mainly include solution method, slurry method, bulk method, gas phase method and bulk gas phase method combination process. At present, the better production processes in the world are mainly gas-phase process and bulk gas-phase combined process. These processes use bulk method, gas-phase method or the combined process of bulk method and gas-phase method to produce homopolymer and random copolymer, and then series gas-phase reactor system (one or two) to produce impact copolymer.

  Melt blown polypropylene is widely used in many product processing, and continues to play its role, occupying an important position in the production links of many industries.

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