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Flexible PVC particle blue is a material with excellent performance price ratio

2021.07.17flexible PVC particle blue

  PVC particles are made of PVC resin powder by adding various additives, such as heat stabilizer, plasticizer, lubricant, processing aid, impact modifier, filler, etc. we can divide them into hard PVC particles and soft PVC particles according to the plasticizer content in PVC particles. Flexible PVC particle blue material generally refers to soft PVC blue particles.

  The content of plasticizer in soft PVC particles is generally more than 20%. This kind of material is mostly used in wire and cable, medical equipment, hose, sheath and so on. Compared with hard PVC particles, it has the advantages of good toughness, easy processing and low specific gravity. Soft PVC materials also have some defects, such as low flame retardant grade, easy to precipitate and so on, so attention should be paid in use. Flexible PVC particle blue is mostly used for wires and cables, its requirements are not very high, usually the specific gravity is 1.44g/cm3, there are certain fillers, and the environmental protection level is relatively low, so it is generally a material with low requirements.

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