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What is ecological plastics? What is the future development prospect?

2021.07.17ecological plastics

  Eco plastic is a kind of high-tech material which does not rely on petroleum resources and comes from renewable resources such as starch, vegetable oil and vitamins, which use sunlight and carbon dioxide as energy and carbon source. It is transformed into polymer by biotechnology.

  The 20th century is the century of steel, and the 21st century will be the century of plastics. As the fourth largest material after wood, cement and steel, plastics will be more widely used in people's daily life and related fields. However, the extensive use of plastics is also facing great challenges, the first is the environmental problems“ The strong implementation of the "plastic restriction order" is a signal worth pondering. For the entire plastic bag production industry, "plastic restriction order" is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity.

  On January 1, 2007, the national standard of "definition, classification, identification and degradation performance requirements of degradable plastics" was implemented. If this is a push of the state to promote the development of environmental protection plastic bag industry, "plastic restriction order" is an external pressure. For the production industry of biological and degradable plastic bags, there is no doubt that the "plastic restriction order" has ushered in the spring. For example, non-woven fabrics will usher in new business opportunities by means of "plastic restriction order".

  Ecological plastic particles, which are called "green materials", were born with the development of genetic engineering technology. Biologists in the United States implanted two foreign genes into mustard and hybridized these plants with the offspring carrying the two genes. As a result, a biodegradable plastic material, polyalkylbutyric acid, was produced in the leaves of mustard. Scientists in Switzerland have used biotechnology to develop bacteria that can produce plastics in the laboratory. There is a plastic ball in the body of the bacteria. After the ball is separated and irradiated by electron beam, a rubber like substance can be obtained. Its properties will not change in the temperature range of - 20 ℃ to 170 ℃. From sugar beet, sugarcane, potato and many other crops, the research of carbon transfer has made achievements one after another, and produced polyalkylbutyric acid. According to the rising trend of crude oil, the price of ordinary plastics will be close to that of ecological plastics. With the large-scale production of ecological plastics, the price advantage of ordinary plastics will be gradually broken. For the plastic packaging and plastic bag production industry, we should speed up the development of downstream products, actively cooperate with the international, introduce foreign advanced production technology on the basis of independent innovation, and use the market to drive the industrialization and large-scale process of ecological plastics. For the government, it is necessary to formulate and improve the industry standards for environmental protection plastic products as soon as possible. At the same time, through tax incentives, subsidies and other means, it is necessary to give support to enterprises that develop and produce environmental protection plastic products. Powerful enterprises should support the listing. For enterprises that can not switch to environmental protection plastic products in the short term, it is necessary to increase taxes or even impose penalties, Knock it out if necessary. With the transformation of economic growth mode, developing circular economy and protecting ecological environment has become a basic national policy of China. The development and production of ecological plastics in China is still in the initial stage. However, relevant experts believe that this is a "sunrise" industry with a very broad prospect. Vigorously developing and applying ecological plastics will play a positive role in promoting the formation of circular economy, saving resources and protecting the environment. It can be seen that due to the rise of oil prices, a large number of powerful enterprises have begun to enter this field, which makes the vigorous development of ecological plastics possible. Ecological plastics based on renewable resources will usher in the dawn in the next few years, which is a good opportunity for development.

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