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Structure and composition of biodegradable polymer materials

2021.07.17biodegradable polymer materials

  Biodegradable polymer materials include biodegradable natural polymer materials, such as methyl cellulose, cassava starch, paper, etc., as well as biodegradable plastics produced by biological formation or organic synthesis. Biodegradable plastics refer to plastics that can be completely dissolved in carbon dioxide (CO2) and / or methane vapor (CH4), water (H2O) and their elements under natural conditions (such as soil stratification and / or gravel) and / or unique standards (such as composting, anaerobic digestion or water-soluble cell culture alkaline sulfide), as well as new natural biomass materials (such as dead microbial vaccine, etc.).

  It should be noted that every biodegradable raw material, including paper, must be dissolved in a certain geographical environment. If there is no dissolution standard, especially the survival standard of microbial vaccine, the dissolution rate will be very slow. In addition, not all biodegradable raw materials can dissolve rapidly in all geographical environments. Therefore, the treatment of biodegradable polymer materials should start from the geographical environment specification, combined with the structural analysis of raw materials, to distinguish whether it is biodegradable raw materials. How to judge whether a kind of raw material can be biodegraded or not, China has implemented a series of detection method standards, the difficulty of these standards is how to answer.

  Three specifications should be considered as far as possible for biodegradable polymer packaging bag: one is to melt completely as far as possible, and the chemical substance should be carbon dioxide and water; The second is to melt completely within 180 days according to the degumming standard of industrial production; Third, they should not produce any side effects after melting, nor should they cause damage to the geographical environment.

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