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Preparation of three monomers of PVC particles

2021.07.17PVC particles

  Generally, there are three methods to prepare PVC particles in industry: acetylene method, combined method and ethylene oxychlorination method. Acetylene method: in fact, the reaction of acetylene and hydrogen chloride to produce vinyl chloride is a way to realize industrialization. Acetylene can be produced by the reaction of calcium carbide and water, but this method consumes a lot of energy. At present, the manufacturers of vinyl chloride to produce PVC resin by this method are mainly concentrated in China, accounting for 70% of the total amount of PVC plastic particles in China.

  Combined method: ethylene produced from petroleum cracking is chlorinated to produce dichloroethane, which is then heated and cracked under pressure. After removing hydrogen chloride, vinyl chloride is obtained. The by-product hydrogen chloride reacts with acetylene to produce vinyl chloride. Oxychlorination of ethylene: in this method, ethylene, hydrogen chloride and oxygen are used to react to obtain dichloroethane and water, and then dichloroethane is cracked to produce vinyl chloride. The by-product hydrogen chloride is recycled to the oxychlorination section for further reaction.

  Waste plastics and other resources are called "the second mineral of mankind" and "the treasure of the city" by modern economists. In fact, the recycling granulation of waste plastics can not only alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of plastic raw materials, but also greatly save the cost of imported crude oil. In addition, some plastics are non degradable, causing serious white pollution over time, causing a huge impact on the environment and damaging the ecological environment of the earth.

  Therefore, the development of waste plastics recycling industry can be said to be a great event for the benefit of the country and the people, for the benefit of the present and the future. After the treatment of plastic recycling granulator equipment, these previously unsightly waste plastics immediately transformed into colorful plastic PVC particles. These recycled plastic particles still have good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, wire drawing, pipe drawing, plastic casting and extrusion, that is to say, they are also called raw materials for plastic products.

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