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An article to understand plastic antistatic methods

2021.07.17plastic antistatic methods

How is plastic antistatic? Antistatic plastic requires its volume resistivity to be lower than 1012Ω·cm, while conductive plastic requires its volume resistivity to be less than 106Ω·cm or electrical conductivity to be greater than 2S/cm. There are various antistatic methods for plastic products, which can be summarized as follows.

1) Use conductive devices to eliminate static electricity during the processing of plastic products.

2) Increasing the air humidity in the processing and use environment of plastic products is beneficial to inhibit the generation of static charges and promote the leakage of charges.

3) The polymer structure is changed by blending with structural conductive polymer materials or by grafting copolymerization, so that it has more polar groups or ionized groups, reducing resistivity and increasing conductivity.

4) Use a strong oxidant to oxidize or use corona discharge to treat the surface of plastic products to improve the surface conductivity of the material.

5) Coat a conductive coating or compound a conductive film on the surface of the product.

6) Add conductive fillers to the plastic, such as graphite, carbon black, metal or metal oxide powder, etc., and disperse the conductive filler into the plastic through mixing to make it a composite conductive plastic.

7) Add an antistatic agent to carry out antistatic treatment on the material to activate the surface and improve the surface conductivity of the material. These methods have their own characteristics and limitations. In comparison, the addition of antistatic agents is the simplest and most effective, low cost, practical, and the most common application.

Whether plastic products can be charged with static electricity or the size of the charged static electricity can be evaluated by volume resistivity or electrical conductivity. Insulator: Volume resistivity> 1012Ω·cm, or conductivity<10-9S/cm. Semiconductor: The volume resistivity is 106~1012Ω·cm, or the conductivity is 2~10-9S/cm. Conductor: volume resistivity <106ω·cm, or="" conductivity="">2S/cm. Good conductor: volume resistivity<100Ω·cm        

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