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Application of flame-retardant and weather-resistant ABS on refrigerator panels

2021.07.17flame retardant and weather resistant ABS

When buying a refrigerator, many people will consider the dimensions of the refrigerator, volume capacity, freshness preservation capacity, refrigeration method and other indicators, but before these purchase factors, the first thing to look at is the overall appearance of the refrigerator, we need to choose an adaptation according to the home environment refrigerator. The overall appearance of the refrigerator includes panel material, color, screen design, etc. Today, let’s talk about the application of flame-retardant and weather-resistant ABS on the refrigerator panel.

Refrigerator panel

Refrigerator panels and washing machine panels are exterior parts that require high gloss and color stability, while ABS is not resistant to aging. Even if it is used indoors, the color will turn yellow after a long time (about 3 years), which will seriously affect the appearance of the product. , Thereby adversely affecting the reputation of home appliance manufacturers. The anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties of ABS plastic are very general. If you want to improve its anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties, it must be achieved through modification.

In order to improve the weather resistance of ABS, our company has developed and produced flame-retardant and weather-resistant ABS. This material has good flame retardancy, high impact strength, greatly improves the indoor aging performance of ABS, and can meet the requirements of refrigerator panels.

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