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Product Characteristics Of Pp Melt Blown

2022.01.07pp melt blown

  The application of pp melt blown plays a very important role in today's society. The production and manufacture of pp melt blown comes from polypropylene plastic, and polypropylene plastic itself is a non-toxic product, so it is widely used in the processing of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic films and so on.

  In the market, many polypropylene plastics will be used to make cups. It can adapt to higher temperatures and will not cause bad problems. After polypropylene plastic is processed by special production technology, it will also be made into pp melt blown.

  For pp melt blown, there are many ways to make and produce it. For example, adding bibp to polypropylene can make the melt blown cloth tough. Bibp chemical name: p-tert-butyl peroxyisopropyl benzene, also known as odorless crosslinking agent. When added into pp melt blown, it decomposes slowly at the melt blown temperature to form free radicals, resulting in partial cross-linking between PP molecular chains. After cross-linking, the crystallinity of PP decreases, and the network structure formed is that the toughness of PP increases greatly.

  The use of pp melt blown plays a very important role in today's mask making, especially in the current society.

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