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What Are The Materials Selected By Plastic Processing Companies?

2022.01.19plastic processing company

  The status of plastic processing companies plays a very important role in various industries. Plastic parts produced by plastic processing companies are required for both mechanical processing and ordinary outer packaging processing.

  In the production and R & D of the plastic processing company, every link and inspection is an important basic work to ensure the processing quality of plastic parts, and the more important is the selection of raw materials. Among the materials selected by plastic processing companies, the following types are generally common:

  1. Polyethylene. Common polyethylene can be divided into low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene.

  2. Polypropylene. Relatively speaking, polypropylene has more varieties, complex uses and various fields. The varieties mainly include homopolymer polypropylene, block copolymer polypropylene and random copolymer polypropylene. According to different uses, homopolymer is mainly used in wire drawing, fiber, injection, BOPP film and other fields.

  3. PVC. The product has the characteristics of self flame retardant, so it is widely used in the construction field, especially in the fields of sewer pipes, plastic steel doors and windows, plates, artificial leather and so on.

  4. Polystyrene. As a transparent raw material, it is often made into automobile lampshade, daily transparent parts, transparent cups, cans and other products.

  5、ABS。 With outstanding physical, mechanical and thermal properties, it is widely used in household appliances, panels, masks, assemblies, accessories, etc.

  Qingdao yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional companies specializing in the R & D and production of plastic color masterbatch and plastic modified materials in China. For more information about plastic processing companies, you are welcome to consult.

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