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Why Should We Vigorously Promote Plastic Modification?

2022.01.13plastic modification

  The market field of plastic modification plays a very important role in today's various industries, and the promotion of plastic modification is still strengthened under the whole market environment.

  Compared with the traditional plastic production, the promotion of the latter will be greater than that of plastic modification. What is the reason why the market will promote plastic modification so vigorously?

  1、Reduce the cost of plastic products and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

  2、Broaden the application of plastics and realize "plastic instead of steel and plastic instead of wood".

  3、Plastic modification can improve the technical content and increase the added value of plastic products. For example, the rigid particle toughening theory opens up a successful way to realize the high toughness and high rigidity of materials at the same time. After filling inorganic mineral particles with special surface treatment into plastics, the filling materials can obtain the same toughening effect as adding rubber or thermoplastic elastomer.

  4、Plastic modification can endow plastic products with new functions and obtain new polymer compounds with unique functions. In order to meet the requirements of a certain application, it is impossible to develop a new polymer compound, which may cost a lot of money in some cases, and it can be easily solved by using plastic modification technology.

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