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What Are The Common Methods Of Plastic Dyeing?

2022.02.08dyeing of plastics

  Plastic dyeing is one of the important procedures in the process of plastic processing. For many plastic parts, the requirements for color in processing are different. In order to ensure the overall demand, corresponding dyeing treatment is required. What are the common methods in these plastic dyeing?

  1. Toner coloring method

  The method of coloring plastic particles directly with toner (pigment or dye) and an appropriate amount of powdery additives is also called dry coloring. The utility model has the advantages of good dispersion, low cost and small batch operation.

  2. Paste coloring method

  Color paste is a semi-finished product made of pigment or pigment and filler dispersed in paint. Using pure oil as adhesive is called oily color paste; Resin color paste with resin paint as adhesive; The pigment and filler paste dispersed with water as the medium and surfactant is called water-based color paste.

  3. Liquid colorant method

  Liquid colorant is formed by dispersing colorant in organic liquid with high concentration. This colorant has good dispersibility and is convenient to use, but it is not convenient for transportation and storage. Precipitation or stratification may occur after long-term standing.

  4. Masterbatch coloring method

  The so-called color masterbatch is to use a certain process and corresponding equipment to mix the pigment (or dye) into the carrier under the action of additives, fully combine the molecules of pigment powder with the molecules of carrier resin through heating, plasticization, stirring and shearing, and then make particles of similar size to resin particles.

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