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Alternative conditions for degradable plastics

2021.07.17degradable plastics

Since degradable plastics do not disappear instantly, the so-called degradation means that under the conditions of industrial composting, more than 90% of the components can be converted into carbon dioxide and water in six months. Since there are conditions for degradation, attention must be paid to alternative conditions.

The European Commission’s scientific advice agency "Biodegradability of plastics in open environments" new report states: "Only when the composition of the substitute product is suitable for the environment in which it is released, and the product or its fragments are likely to escape into the receiving environment. Will realize the potential benefits of biodegradable plastics". This passage has two meanings. One is that, for about 5% of disposable plastic products abandoned in the natural environment, only by proving the degradation time and ultimate form in the natural environment, the substitutes can produce "potential benefits". The use of test results under the conditions of the composting plant to replace the degradation data of the natural environment does not mean that the replacement product is "suitable for the environment where it is discharged." The second is that cities with industrial composting conditions can promote composting and degrading plastics. If there is no composting plastics treatment plant, all non-degradable and degradable waste will be treated together in a waste incineration plant or landfill, which cannot show degradation benefits. Because of this understanding, the measures taken by the European Union Plastics Association EUBP are to remove organic waste from landfills before the end of 2023 and allow industrial compostable plastics to enter professional treatment plants.

Whether China's municipal waste management can proceed in this way and extensively establish industrial composting plastic treatment plants, the municipal waste disposal management department will have a clear judgment. However, the reason that affects China's truthfulness of degradable plastics is also attributed to the EU's compost plastic standards.

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