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Investment and Entrepreneurship Qingdao Story ②|Wang Shizi: "When I dialed for help, I received a new order on the same day"

2021.07.17Yishibao plastic product supply

  Ren Xiaomeng, reporter from Qingdao Daily/Qingdao Guan/
   "If it hadn’t been for this group of “mothers” in the Chengyang District SME Service Center, the company might not be able to survive this year.” On the morning of May 27, at Chengbei Industrial Park, Chengyang District, the general manager of Qingdao Yishibao Plastic Manager Wang Shizi told reporters after signing the latest product supply contract.
  As an enterprise that mainly researches and produces plastic products, Qingdao Yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 15,000 tons of plastic modified materials, color masterbatches and other products, with an annual output value of more than 70 million yuan. Enterprise, plastic industry leader and other titles.
          The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic put this leading company in the plastics industry into trouble for a while.
          "Upstream customer orders have been greatly reduced. The original planned order of about 20 million yuan in output value in the first quarter was reduced to less than 10 million yuan. This immediately made our operations difficult." Wang Shizi told reporters that in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic, The company made the decision to "transform", combined with the current trend of large demand for epidemic prevention and control materials, especially masks, and decided to develop and produce special polypropylene meltblown materials for masks.
          New product development is smooth, but product sales are facing new problems. "The newly developed polypropylene meltblown special material for masks is a new subdivision for us. We have not done market promotion in this area before, so the market is difficult to open, and the quality products we produce cannot be obtained. Order arrived.” Just when Wang Shizi was in trouble, he suddenly thought of a person-Yuan Kaixiang, director of the Chengyang District Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Center.
          "Director Yuan usually communicates with us about the development of the company's operations. This time the sale of new products is difficult. Can you ask him to help you figure out a solution?" Thinking of this, Wang Shizi called Yuan Kaixiang. Unexpectedly, on the day of the call, Yishibao received new orders. "Director Yuan heard me talk about the difficulties of the company, and communicated with Chengyang District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Qingdao City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology as soon as possible. He not only promoted our products in the WeChat group of epidemic prevention materials supply and demand, but also succeeded. Incorporating our products into the city's catalogue of production enterprises for resumption of production and asset protection, within 3 days, the company has successively received orders and calls from customers in the province and even Zhenjiang Instrument, Tianjin Puxiang Pharmaceutical, Suzhou Xianchuang Zhizhi, etc., and it will be updated soon. Product orders reached more than 1,500 tons.” Wang Shizi said that as of the end of April, the company's output value had reached 38 million yuan, an increase of 43% year-on-year. It is expected that the annual output value will exceed 200 million yuan, an increase of 186% year-on-year.
          As the number of orders continues to increase, the company’s original production lines can no longer meet the needs of existing orders. Yishibao invested more than 15 million yuan in new six production lines, and the production capacity of polypropylene meltblown special materials for masks was increased to 18,000 tons. However, with the introduction of new equipment and a substantial increase in production capacity, the company's original substation capacity cannot meet the actual development needs of the company, and it is necessary to increase the substation capacity as soon as possible. "Follow the process normally. It takes 25 days for the increase and transformation capacity business to be completed. This can delay production. What can I do?" With "difficulties", Wang Shizi found Yuan Kaixiang. Yuan Kaixiang immediately took the company's personnel to the northern marketing center of Qingdao Power Supply Company for on-site docking, and applied for the power supply department to "do it urgently". With the cooperation of all aspects, the company's capacity expansion business was completed within a week, ensuring the company's need for increased production and efficiency.
          "Not only is there trouble asking for help from the government's maidens, but these maidens will also take the initiative to come home from time to time with "great gifts"." Wang Shizi told reporters that the staff of the Chengyang District SME Service Center often took them with them. "Policy Interpretation" enters the company to help companies understand various support policies, and also teaches companies how to apply for policy subsidies. "Before the company transformed the production of epidemic prevention materials, more than 10 million yuan was invested in equipment upgrades. These can be subsidized by the government, and the highest ratio can reach 32%. This saves a lot of money for our company." Wang Shizi said with a thumbs up, "Thousands of words are combined into one sentence, thank these'maidens'!"

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