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Why use pvc masterbatch instead of toner

2021.12.21pvc masterbatch

  Pvc masterbatch is an important colorant in the processing of plastic products. Now it has surpassed toner and become the main material; So what is the reason for using pvc masterbatch instead of toner?

  Pvc masterbatch is a new special colorant for polymer materials. It is composed of pigment or dye, carrier and additive; Pvc masterbatch is mainly used in plastics to achieve the desired color effect in plastics or rubber products.

  Why use pvc masterbatch instead of toner?

  1. In many cases, the pigments selected by plastic product manufacturers when using toner color matching can not achieve the economic effect. However, due to the lack of familiarity with pigments and repeated experiments in color matching, the waste of manpower and materials is very common; However, this problem does not exist when using pvc masterbatch.

  2. The grade of products colored with pvc masterbatch is completely different from that colored with toner, and the selling price is also higher.

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