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What Problems Should We Pay Attention To When Using Plastic Masterbatch?

2022.01.28plastic masterbatch

  The use of plastic masterbatch is a very important part in the processing of all kinds of plastic products. The figure of plastic masterbatch is indispensable in the dyeing of all kinds of plastic products; Compared with traditional plastic dyeing, the advantages of plastic masterbatch are more obvious, which makes today's plastic processing love it.

  Plastic masterbatch is widely used, so what problems should we pay attention to when using plastic masterbatch?

  1、 Plastic masterbatch is generally not used for color matching. Only from the perspective of coloring plastics and obtaining color, in many cases, it is entirely possible to use masterbatch as colorant to match color fixed plastic products. However, due to various additives such as carrier and dispersant in masterbatch, color matching is not suitable for plastic masterbatch.

  2、 For multi variety and small batch plastic products, a large number of plastic masterbatch shall be prepared. When coloring with masterbatch, one color is generally used for coloring plastic products of a specific color. When engaged in multi variety and small batch plastic products, there must be many varieties of colorants in stock.

  3、 The coloring of plastic masterbatch is only applicable to the coloring of thermoplastic.

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