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What Is The Specific Information Of Plastic Masterbatch

2022.01.12plastic masterbatch

  The use of plastic color masterbatch is one of the important materials in the plastic processing process. The plastic can be made and processed into products of different colors according to the needs of customers. So how much do you know about the specific information of plastic masterbatch?

  Plastic color masterbatch is a polymer made by uniformly dispersing super constant pigment in carrier resin, also known as pigment concentrate. It is a new special colorant for polymer materials. Plastic color masterbatch is usually composed of pigment, carrier resin and dispersant, which can also contain a small amount of coupling agent or surfactant.

  Plastic masterbatch is an important material to give color to the workpiece. Therefore, when selecting plastic masterbatch, we should not only consider the requirements for color, but also consider the particularity of carrier and colored resin. Generally, the higher the pigment content in the masterbatch, the more difficult it is to disperse. Therefore, the higher the pigment quality will be when preparing high content pigment masterbatch.

  Carrier resin is the matrix of plastic color masterbatch. Its main function is to carry pigment and make the color masterbatch called granular. The selection of carrier resin should consider not only the compatibility with pigment, but also the compatibility with colored resin. In general, the fluidity of the carrier resin should be greater than that of the colored resin, and the coloring will not affect the performance of the product.

  The main function of dispersant is to wet the surface of pigment, so that the pigment is dispersed into fine and stable particles and evenly distributed in the resin, and will not agglomerate during processing. The dispersant shall have good compatibility with the resin and shall not affect the quality of the colored resin. The melting point of dispersant should be lower than that of resin and have good affinity with pigment.

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