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Application advantages of plastic masterbatch

2021.08.03plastic masterbatch

  As we all know, the role played by plastic masterbatch is particularly important in the production of plastic products. What are the advantages of plastic masterbatch to have such a market?

  1. Plastic masterbatch has good dispersibility in products. The carrier of plastic masterbatch is the same as the plastic of the product, which has good matching. After heating and melting, the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic of the product.

  2. Plastic masterbatch can maintain the chemical stability of pigment.

  3. Plastic masterbatch can ensure the stability of product color. The plastic masterbatch is similar to the resin particles, which is more convenient and accurate in measurement. It will not adhere to the container during mixing, and the mixing with the resin is more uniform. Therefore, it can ensure the stability of the addition amount, so as to ensure the stability of the product color.

  4. Protect the health of operators. Compared with powdered pigments, plastic masterbatch is healthier and will not be inhaled.

  5. Keep the environment clean with plastic masterbatch.

  6. Plastic masterbatch is easy to use.

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