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What is modified plastic?

2021.07.17modified plastic

Plastics are very common in our daily lives. Even in a car, the proportion of plastic parts in the entire car can reach between 20% and 30%. Nowadays, plastics are mainly composed of synthetic resins, which are abbreviated as high molecular polymers in chemical terms.

Because different plastics have different properties, current raw materials often modify plastics. Of course, the most fundamental properties of plastics are determined by the original properties of resins, but the additives that make plastics reborn are also indispensable.

So what exactly is plastic modification?

The so-called plastic modification is the use of special additives to change the various properties of plastics to adapt to the different needs of today's society for plastic products. In the chemical industry, there are tens of thousands of types of plastics, but only a few hundreds are commonly used, and species materials composed of several general-purpose resins account for 90% of the more than one hundred species.

PE\PP\PVC\PS\ABS these kinds, occupy most of the market of plastic raw materials. Of course, it is also because these raw materials are relatively simple to produce and have excellent performance, which can be sought after by the market. The modified plastics are processed through these initial raw materials to give them different functions. For example, some medical devices are required to be absorbed by the human body without side effects after being implanted in the human body; the plastic used in cars requires high strength and can reduce the weight of the car; children’s toy plastic requires no harmful substances; food lunch boxes require no heat It is deformed and does not emit harmful substances.

Therefore, the use of modified plastics is very wide. Basically, the plastics we use are modified. Modified plastics are also an effective way to develop the plastics industry today.

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