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One article to understand what kind of mask meltblown material is

2021.07.17mask meltblown material

Recently, local confirmed cases of the new crown pneumonia epidemic have appeared in many places, and many of the infected persons are employees of imported cold chain products. People are also paying more and more attention to virus prevention and control, and take the initiative to wear masks. Do you know what the mask meltblown material of the mask we wear is?

Mask melt blown material refers to the special material for melt blown cloth used to make the middle filter layer of mask. It is a kind of fiber melt blown out of polypropylene with high melt index. The fiber is then staggered and stacked randomly, and finally Make a film. It is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can effectively use static electricity to absorb viruses, dust, and droplets. This is also an important reason why masks can filter viruses.

Polypropylene meltblown non-woven fabric made of mask meltblown material

Meltblown cloth has high strength and strong filtering ability, which can effectively block the penetration of bacteria, prevent cross-infection, and reduce the shedding of dust and hair. PP1500 meltblown material is the raw material for making masks. The quality of the meltblown material plays an important role in the qualification of the meltblown cloth.

Polypropylene meltblown material, this material has a melt index of 1500, and has passed eight third-party tests of Rohs 2.0 non-metallic, reach-205, halogen, melt index, ash, volatile matter, molecular weight distribution, and peroxide residue. Ensure to achieve environmental protection, narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content, no other product residues, excellent spinning performance and other excellent characteristics, and meet various standards for the number of fibers per unit area and surface area of the core of medical masks.

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