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What are the types of masterbatch according to use

2021.07.17types of masterbatch

Color masterbatches are classified by purpose: such as injection masterbatch, blow molding masterbatch, spinning masterbatch, etc. Each species can be divided into different grades, such as:

1. Advanced injection masterbatch

Used in cosmetic packaging boxes, toys, electrical appliances and other high-end products.

2. Ordinary injection masterbatch

is used for general daily-use plastic products, industrial containers, etc.

3. Advanced blown film masterbatch

is used for blow molding coloring of ultra-thin products.

4. Ordinary blown film masterbatch

Used for blow molding and coloring of general packaging bags and woven bags.

5. Spinning masterbatch

It is used for spinning and coloring of textile fiber. The masterbatch has fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring power, good heat resistance and light resistance.

6. Low-grade masterbatch

is used to manufacture low-grade products that do not require high color quality, such as trash cans, low-grade containers, etc.

Different types of masterbatches have different uses, but the masterbatches are basically used for the coloring of plastics, pipes, packaging, electrical enclosures, films, moisturizing materials, clothing fibers and other products, as well as to improve their unique properties.

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