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Modified plastics are generally mainstream modification methods

2021.07.17modified plastics modification methods

1. Enhanced

Modified plastics increase the rigidity and strength of materials by adding fibrous or flake fillers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, and mica powder, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon used in power tools.

2, toughening

The purpose of improving the toughness or impact strength of plastics is achieved by adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomers and other substances to plastics, such as toughened polypropylene commonly found in automobiles, home appliances and industrial applications.

3, blending

A method of uniformly mixing two or more incompletely compatible polymer materials into a macro-compatible and micro-phase-separated mixture to meet certain requirements for physical and mechanical properties, optical properties, and processing properties.

4, alloy

is similar to blending, but the compatibility between the components is good, it is easy to form a homogeneous system, and certain properties that a single component cannot achieve, such as PC/ABS alloy, or PS modified PPO, etc. can be obtained.

5. Filling

The purpose of improving physical and mechanical properties or reducing costs is achieved by adding fillers to modified plastics.

6, other modifications

For example, conductive fillers are used to reduce the electrical resistivity of plastics; antioxidants or light stabilizers are added to improve the weather resistance of materials; pigments/dyes are added to change the color of materials, and internal/external lubricants are added to improve the processing properties of materials. Use nucleating agents to change the crystalline properties of semi-crystalline plastics to improve their mechanical and optical properties, etc.

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