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How to distinguish the quality of Masterbatch

2021.07.17the quality of masterbatch

  Color masterbatch is an indispensable part of non-woven raw materials. Good color masterbatch can ensure more uniform and lasting color of products. However, how to select high-quality color masterbatch? Check the quality of Color Masterbatch, you can not ignore the following points:

  1. The drying degree and high moisture content of Color Masterbatch will make the spinning quality worse;

  2. The quantity provided by Color Masterbatch enterprises is generally the weight ratio content, not the volume, so when selecting color masterbatch, the measurement comparison needs to be calibrated accurately;

  3. Many non-woven enterprises purchase by experience, but in fact, different process conditions, different raw materials, different fiber size, different weight of non-woven fabric, different roller temperature, pressure and rolling point shape will have an impact on the color. Therefore, the purchasing personnel should fully measure the company's production process before purchasing, Strictly according to the production process quality management procedures to ensure the perfect color of the finished products;

  4. It is particularly important to choose stable and reliable suppliers. Because the color masterbatch production process of different color masterbatch suppliers is different, it is easy to have a certain impact on the production stability and quality stability of non-woven enterprises.

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