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Influence Of Polypropylene Melt Blown Material Quality

2022.03.01polypropylene meltblown

  As the name suggests, polypropylene melt blown material is a kind of material produced with polypropylene as raw material. Its fiber diameter can reach 1 ~ 5 microns, with many voids, fluffy structure and good anti wrinkle ability. These ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, so that the melt blown cloth has good filtration, shielding Thermal insulation and oil absorption. Because of this, the use of polypropylene melt blown materials also occupies a very significant position in the fields of air, liquid filter materials, isolation materials, absorbing materials, mask materials, thermal insulation materials, oil absorbing materials and wiping cloth.

  In the use of polypropylene melt blown material, the production of mask is widely concerned. As we all know, in today's social environment, although mask is no longer a field with a large gap, its production is still a very key content. Therefore, it is also an important content for the quality control and demand of polypropylene melt blown material.

  The quality of polypropylene melt blown material determines the production quality of masks. Only by ensuring the basic quality of polypropylene melt blown material, can we be more assured when producing masks, and will not produce too many problems, which will affect the prevention and control of epidemic diseases.

  Qingdao yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional companies specializing in the R & D and production of plastic color masterbatch and plastic modified materials in China. If you want to know more about polypropylene melt blown material, you are welcome to consult.

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