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Detailed Explanation Of The Basic Process Of The Overall Production Of The Plastic Processing Company

2022.01.27plastic processing company

  The market position of plastic processing companies plays a very important role. The use of plastic products accounts for a large proportion for the production and processing of any industry. It is precisely under such a large market demand that the development of plastic processing companies has also won extensive attention.

  For plastic processing companies, the overall production process is an important reason to ensure quality. Only if there are strict checks on each production process, will it show better quality in the future development.

  Plastic processing of plastic processing companies generally includes plastic batching, molding, machining, bonding, modification and assembly. The last four processes are carried out after the plastic has been formed into products or semi-finished products, also known as plastic secondary processing.

  1. Ingredients. In addition to polymers, the raw materials used in plastic processing generally need to add various plastic additives.

  2. Molding. The key link of plastic processing. Various forms of plastics (powder, granule, solution or dispersion) are made into products or blanks of the required shape.

  3. Machining. By using the processing methods of metal and wood, plastic products with accurate size or small quantity can also be used as auxiliary processes of molding, such as sawing of extruded profiles.

  4. Engage. The methods of joining plastic parts are welding and bonding.

  5. Surface finish. The purpose is to beautify the surface of plastic products.

  6. Assembly. The operation of assembling the made plastic parts into complete products by means of bonding, welding and mechanical connection.

  Qingdao yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional companies specializing in the R & D and production of plastic color masterbatch and plastic modified materials in China. For more information about plastic processing companies, you are welcome to consult.

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