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Basic Processing Procedures Of Plastic Moulding Manufacturers

2022.01.11plastic moulding manufacturers

  The market development of plastic moulding manufacturers has played a very important role in many industries in the market. People have many opportunities to come into contact with plastic products both in life and work, and the existence of these plastic products is inseparable from plastic moulding manufacturers. Plastic molding processing technology applied by plastic moulding manufacturers is the general name of various processes for converting synthetic resin or plastic into plastic products. It is a large production department in the plastic industry. Plastic processing for plastic moulding manufacturers generally includes plastic batching, molding, machining, bonding, modification and assembly. The last four processes are carried out after the plastic has been formed into products or semi-finished products, also known as plastic secondary processing.

  1. Plastic material batching

  In addition to polymers, the raw materials used in plastic processing generally need to add various plastic additives (such as stabilizers, plasticizers, colorants, lubricants, reinforcements and fillers).

  2. Plastic molding

  The key link of plastic processing. Various forms of plastics are made into products or blanks of the desired shape.

  3. Plastic joint

  The methods of joining plastic parts are welding and bonding.

  4. Plastic parts assembly

  The operation of assembling the made plastic parts into complete products by means of bonding, welding and mechanical connection.

  5. Machining

  By using the processing methods of metal and wood, plastic products with accurate size or small quantity can also be used as auxiliary processes for molding, such as sawing of extruded profiles.

  6. Surface modification

  The purpose is to beautify the surface of plastic products.

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