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Is The Formula Of Plastic Modification Important?

2022.02.16modification of plastics

  Plastic modification is a new plastic material after the transformation of plastic products. It is a popular material in the plastic processing industry, which is a very important content for many enterprises. In some cases, traditional plastic products cannot be normally applied to some industries with special requirements, but plastic modification can play its role. It is in this case that the market development of plastic modification is getting better and better.

  Plastic modification is the integration of basic resin, processing aids and / or functional additives, processing technology and other formulas, processing equipment and technology. Plastic modification covers a wide range of technical fields and involves many technical points. At present, more and more engineers and technicians focus too much on the selection of components, and the formula must be discussed when plastic modification is carried out. It is true that formula is one of the important links of plastic modification, but it is far from enough for R & D or production technicians to only pay attention to formula.

  Adjusting the formula is a shortcut to realize the application goal of plastic modification. However, treating the modified formula as a prescription for diagnosing and treating the defects of plastic modification technology often misleads the development and improvement of plastic modification technology. Therefore, for the attention of plastic modification, we should pay attention to the formula, but only the formula is not complete.

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