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Take you to understand modification of plastic parts

2021.11.16modification of plastic parts

  What is modification of plastic parts? For many people, the information about modification of plastic parts is not very well understood. However, with the progress of science and technology and the increasing demand for various modification of plastic parts products in the market, modification of plastic parts is also developing continuously.

  Modification of plastic parts is a processing method to obtain specific properties by adding reinforcing fibers, fillers, tougheners, anti-aging agents, flame retardants and other substances to plastic raw materials. The specific modification methods include reinforcement, filling, toughening, antireflection, flame retardant, alloy, conductivity, dyeing, anti-aging, oil / chemical resistance modification, etc. sometimes the modification in multiple directions will be carried out at the same time according to the specific product requirements.

  Modification of plastic parts can greatly broaden the application range of plastic materials and bring better application effect. It has become one of the products loved by many industries.

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