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Types of meltblown material production

2021.07.17meltblown material production

  At present, the production process of meltblown materials in China can be divided into three types: hydrogen regulation, peroxide degradation and metallocene catalysis.

  1. The new catalyst system and improved polymerization process are used in the hydrogen control method. In the process of polymerization of propylene monomer into polypropylene macromolecular chain, more molecular weight regulator (hydrogen) was added to terminate the polymerization reaction and control the growth of polypropylene macromolecular chain, so as to obtain higher fluidity. This method is a hot spot of technology research at home and abroad.

  2. The peroxide degradation method firstly produces the basic resin with low melt index, and then adds the organic peroxide in the extrusion granulation process to degrade the polypropylene into low molecular weight segments, so as to improve the melt mass flow rate (MFR). It is one of the commonly used methods to produce high melt index PP at home and abroad, also known as the controllable degradation method.

  3. Metallocene catalysis is a process of using metallocene catalyst to produce polypropylene products, which can be widely used in spinning, medical treatment, food packaging and other fields.

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