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Advantages of using industrial color master batch for coloring

2021.07.17industrial color master batch

  At present, there are still some industrial enterprises that use toner to color plastics, and the use of toner can indeed reduce some costs. However, from the overall analysis of environmental pollution in industrial workshops, health of employees, cost of color matching and proofing, the use of industrial dense color masterbatch has more advantages than the use of toner.

  Increased cost of using toner:

  1. Color matching cost

  Need a professional colorist, color matching and color matching, increase the cost of staffing.

  2. The sample cost and color matching will not be successful at one time. It will take several attempts

  Usually, the color matching will not be successful at one time. It needs to be fine tuned many times. Every adjustment requires a sample. Every sample requires cost. Every cleaning of the machine and screw requires a lot of time and manpower.

  3. Increased health risk of employees

  In the process of mixing toner, the toner will float in the air and flow to every corner of the workshop. If employees inhale too much, it will have adverse effects on their health.

  The cost advantage of using industrial color master batch is as follows:

  1. Weighing accuracy

  Accurate weighing, not adhering to the wall barrel like toner, reduces the accuracy of formula, and makes the weighing and mixing of granular masterbatch more convenient.

  2. Maintain the health of workers and maintain the ambient air in the workshop

  The use of Industrial Color Masterbatch will not affect the ambient air of the industrial workshop, and will not be filled with dust. It will ensure the health and safety of employees working for a long time, and reflect the sense of responsibility of the enterprise.

  3. Save cleaning time, reduce cost and increase production efficiency

  It will take a long time to clean with toner, and it is troublesome to clean. If air blower is used, a large amount of dust will be raised, which does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.

  From the above point of view, the use of industrial dense color masterbatch has great advantages compared with the toner. Although the use of toner is a little cheaper than the color masterbatch, the additional cost of using toner is very high, which has a great impact on the production efficiency and environment of enterprises.

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