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Function of electret Masterbatch

2021.07.17function of electret masterbatch

  Electret masterbatch is a product certified by customers with excellent performance and stable quality. It uses imported high fluidity polypropylene (solution index ≥ 1300 / min) as the base material, uses high performance compound electret, and carries out uniform mixing basic production, which solves the problems of difficult dispersion and instability of single electret material.

  The action principle of electret masterbatch: micron powder composed of dispersant. It has the function of producing electric ions and storing electric charges. Under the action of initiator, Mg Li tourmaline can permanently release electric charges and air negative ions, increase the ability of electrostatic adsorption and negative ion sterilization of buckle cover, and effectively block droplets, dust and viruses below micrometers. When the electret is heated and pressurized, the discharge performance of Mg Li tourmaline will be further enhanced, and the effect will be doubled when the temperature increases by 10 degrees. The finer the electret is, the more static electricity will be generated, and the adsorption capacity will also be enhanced.

  Qingdao yishibao Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces plastic modified plastics (polypropylene melt blown materials, automotive materials, special materials for animal husbandry products, etc.), plastic color masterbatch, plastic functional masterbatch, biodegradable materials, polypropylene melt blown cloth and other products. If you want to know more about electret masterbatch, you are welcome to consult.

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