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What Is Black Modification Of Plastic

2022.01.05black modification of plastic

  The application of black modification of plastic has increasingly become an important role in the industry in today's plastic processing and production. For black modification of plastic, its use is the product crystallization of the continuous strengthening of science and technology.

  The production of black modification of plastic refers to the plastic products that are processed and modified by filling, blending, reinforcement and other methods on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to improve the properties of flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance and toughness.

  Although plastic products are widely used, the shortcomings of plastics themselves are also very obvious. In this case, the R & D and production of plastics has become a very important development demand.

  The technology of black modification of plastic generally includes the following parts:

  1. Reinforcement: blend glass fiber with plastic to increase the mechanical strength of plastic.

  2. Filling: mineral fillers are blended with plastics to change the shrinkage, hardness, strength and other properties of plastics.

  3. Toughening: ordinary plastics are blended with toughening agent to improve the toughness of plastics.

  4. Flame retardant: adding flame retardant to ordinary plastic resin can make the plastic have flame retardant characteristics.

  5. Cold resistance: increase the strength and toughness of plastics at low temperature. The inherent low-temperature brittleness of general plastics at low temperature limits its application in low-temperature environment. It is necessary to add some low-temperature toughening agents to change the brittleness of plastics at low temperature and improve the cold resistance characteristics.

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