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What is a masterbatch


Color masterbatch is a kind of polymer made by uniformly dispersing ultra-constant amount of pigment in carrier resin, also called pigment concentrate. It is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials, usually composed of three basic elements: pigment, carrier resin, and dispersant, and it can also contain a small amount of coupling agent or surfactant.

The main function of the pigment is to impart color performance to the masterbatch. When choosing a pigment, not only the color requirements of the product, but also the particularity of the carrier and the colored resin must be considered.

The carrier resin is the matrix of the masterbatch, and its main function is to carry the pigment and make the masterbatch granular.

The main function of the dispersant is to wet the surface of the pigment, so that the pigment is dispersed into fine, stable particles and evenly distributed in the resin, and no longer agglomerates during processing.

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