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Application of modified plastics in the field of home appliances

2021.07.17application of modified plastics

Household appliances are a major application area of modified plastics. my country is a major producer of home appliances. Modified plastics for home appliances have been widely used in air conditioners and other products in the past. In 2018, the demand for modified plastics for home appliances was about 4.79 million tons, accounting for 40%. With the development of high-end products, the demand for modified plastics in the field of home appliances has gradually increased.

Not only that, because home appliance modified plastics generally have good electrical insulation, they play an indispensable role in the electrical and electronic fields.

The electrical strength, surface resistivity, and volume resistivity can usually fully meet the requirements of low-voltage electrical products. At present, low-voltage electrical appliances are developing in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function, and high current, which requires the use of plastic materials with better strength and higher temperature resistance.

Many domestic companies are also developing special plastics such as PA46, PPS, PEEK, etc., in order to better provide high-performance plastic materials for manufacturers of low-voltage electrical appliances. This has higher requirements for modified plastics for home appliances, and it also brings new opportunities.

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