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Where does the car smell come from?

2021.07.16automobile plastic

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention has been paid to physical health, and the problem of air pollution in cars has become a focus of social concern. After buying a new car, you have to endure the pungent odor that lasts for several months, which makes many consumers feel very headache.

Harmful formaldehyde emitted from all corners of car interiors

Where do car odors come from? The peculiar smell in the car mainly comes from interior materials such as leather, textiles, plastic parts, adhesives and so on. Among them, the odor sources of PP modified materials are mainly in three stages: PP polymerization (residues of monomers, catalysts and other oligomers in the PP synthesis process); modification processing (PP and additives, color masterbatches, etc. Small molecules produced by process decomposition); injection molding (small molecules produced by material degradation caused by screw shear).

Aiming at the development of modified PP materials, continuously increase investment, improve modification processing technology, and reduce the production of small molecule volatile components in the material. The material has the characteristics of balanced mechanical properties, excellent processing performance, high heat resistance, low odor (PP material odor ≤ 3), low emission, etc., which can effectively reduce the content of harmful substances in the air in the car and become a good car that cares about the health of users. The best choice for interior plastics.

Product advantages:

1. Select high-quality raw materials, purer raw materials, low content of small molecules and low VOC content.

2. Use appropriate fillers and additives to inhibit material degradation and achieve the purpose of reducing VOC content.

3. Adopt advanced desorption technology: azeotrope stripping (through azeotrope, stripping organic matter); vacuum devolatilization (multi-level vacuum and vacuum degree requirements); high temperature thermal desorption.

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