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About ABS and calcium carbonate, you have to know this!

2021.07.16ABS and calcium carbonate

ABS plastic has good impact strength and surface hardness within a certain temperature range, and has good dimensional stability. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles and home appliances. Especially in the automotive field, in 2000, the amount of ABS used in automobiles in my country reached 35,000 tons. Through modification, ABS plastics have derived more new varieties, among which ABS plus calcium carbonate is widely used.

Modified plastic

Adding calcium carbonate has a certain effect on improving certain properties of ABS plastic products to expand its application range. In plastic processing, they can reduce resin shrinkage, improve rheology, and control viscosity. It can also play the following roles:

1. Improve the dimensional stability of plastic products;

2. Improve the hardness and rigidity of plastic products;

3. Improve plastic processing performance;

4. Improve the heat resistance of plastic products;

5. Improve the astigmatism of plastics;

ABS plastic can be made by general mainstream plastic processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, foam molding and so on. And during molding, it can maintain good structural stability without any fracture or unplanned bending, which is why it can maintain such a good accuracy. In terms of color blending, it can also be done in one step, which is a very reassuring material.

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