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An article to understand the difference between the heat insulation strip PA66 material and PVC material

2021.07.16heat insulation strip PA66 material

PA66 nylon heat-insulating strip material is an important raw material for heat-insulating strips, and is an important thermal insulation component used on broken bridge aluminum profiles. When choosing bridge aluminum insulation strips, we need to distinguish their materials. Generally speaking, there are two types of PA66 nylon material and PVC material. Why is PA66 insulation material more advantageous?

1. The material is better!

PA-66 nylon heat insulation strip material uses nylon material mixed with 25% glass fiber, and the material strength, wear resistance and high temperature resistance are stronger than other materials. And PA66 nylon heat insulation strip is consistent with aluminum alloy in tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. It will not deform doors and windows due to climatic problems such as thermal expansion and contraction.

Broken bridge aluminum door and window insulation strip pa66

2. The structure is more reasonable!

PA-66 nylon heat insulation strips have better material plasticity. PA66 nylon heat insulation strips will be processed with frosted threads, which will increase the bonding strength during the composite process of aluminum opening and threading. Compared with the smooth surface of PVC materials, the bonding is more stable. , To ensure the quality of the profile.

3. Longer service life!

The service life of PA-66 nylon heat insulation strips is due to the excellent properties of the material itself, so it can be used for decades without breaking, embrittlement and other problems. Compared with the use life that cannot be guaranteed by PVC plastic insulation strips, it is safer and more reliable.

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