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Everyone must see! Brief introduction of PA66+ fiber reinforced nylon material

2021.07.16PA66 fiber reinforced nylon material

With the continuous development of economy and society, PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon has become an indispensable material. Its strong mechanical properties, wear resistance, dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, and weather resistance have been unanimously recognized by everyone. Especially in the social wave of replacing steel with plastic. What is PA66+ fiber reinforced nylon material, I will tell you.

PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon material refers to the addition of glass fiber to PA66 material. PA66 itself is a representative of high rigidity. Reinforcement of PA66 can be described as "steel in steel", and its mechanical properties have almost reached Beyond the limit of PA66, not only that, due to the addition of glass fiber, its shrinkage rate has also been greatly improved.

In addition, the use temperature of PA66+ fiber-reinforced nylon material also needs special attention. The approximate range we can give is 320-330℃. Because the temperature of nylon after adding glass fiber has also been increased, there is no accurate value, it depends on the situation.

In the color matching of products, PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon is also very convenient. However, most of the products are long-term orders. The color of each batch of products is the same. Here, our company has the introduction of international advanced color matching quality control system to solve the problem of color matching formula in one second to ensure the consistency of product color; There are more than 30 people in the research and development team of sexual technology, and the doctor of polymer leads to participate in the development of new products of customers, jointly develop formulas, ensure the stability of product performance, and turn customers' ideas into specific products and implement them.

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